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Student Resources

2022-23 Handbook

Refer to the Orchestra Handbook for orchestra descriptions, policies and procedures.


Some class materials will be distributed via Schoology.

Orchestra Reminders

To receive important updates from Ms. Davis via Remind, go to on your smartphone and follow the instructions. You may opt to receive reminders via text or email.

If you don't have a smartphone, you can still receive text notifications. Text the message @gradyo to the number 81010.

Reference Recordings

Studies have shown that musicians learn pieces more quickly and accurately when they listen to model recordings, compared with studying only the sheet music. It is, to quote the Bulletproof Musician, "[a] bit like being able to see what a 10,000-piece puzzle is supposed to look like before trying to put the pieces together." Challenge yourself to enhance your learning with listening.

Throughout the year, Ms. Davis will provide audio and video study clips in this location. Stay tuned!

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